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Sacred Healing Circle is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established to assist individuals, families, and communities to heal. The majority of our resources are directed toward programs that benefit Indigenous/Native communities through the use of traditional methodologies and practices.

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Sacred Healing Circle Women Programs
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Sacred Healing Circle


We currently host programs that help restore the components that lead to complete, healthy, and functioning Native societies under the following 7 categories:


Sacred Healing Circle was founded in New Mexico in 2005. As we looked around our country and this world, it was obvious that many were suffering. However, due to the history of the Americas and the loss of Native cultures, traditions, languages, spiritual practices, tribal rights, and access to sacred lands, ceremonial sites, and sacred animals, our Native Peoples and the ways of life that had sustained them for thousands of years, were deteriorating at a statistically disproportional rate.  

Indeed, Native Americans are ranked at the bottom of almost every negative statistic that is kept. Sacred Healing Circle was founded to identify and support culturally and spiritually aligned solutions to aid Native individuals, families, and communities in their efforts to heal from such traumas. 

In the beginning, many of our programs and related research were focused on attempting to help Native Peoples and communities to heal on a financial level. Perhaps poverty was the cause and small business programs and courses on entrepreneurship were the answer! Then our programs shifted toward addressing the results of such generational trauma, combating issues such as alcoholism, domestic violence, and attempting to promote changes within the elementary school system to incorporate a more accurate history of Native Peoples in the Americas. 

Although such programs and associated research were helpful and bore positive fruit, we realized that they were each merely addressing the symptoms and not the “root” or cause of the illness, suffering, and generational trauma. So, we began to look to traditional Native American methodologies to address Native American issues. After considerable research and discussions with tribal elders, spiritual leaders, and community advocates across the Americas, we began to look for ways to “restore” or “bring back” those components of life that had led to complete, healthy, and functioning Native American societies and Peoples.


It is our hope and belief that the benefits of such programs and attendant methodologies can then be shared with the world.


SHC Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Sacred Healing Circle is committed to the selfless application of our 501 (c)3 standing. 100% of all donations are dedicated to SHC programs and each officer serves on a volunteer basis. Thank you for your donation and interest in the health of Indigenous communities nation wide.

Our Federal Tax ID#:  65-1261804


If you would like your donation to go to a specific program please send us on email through our contact form on the next page to denote where your donation should go.

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