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Native American Horse Preservation

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Our Native American Horse Preservation and Research Program helps to preserve the Native American Horse, as well as protects the traditional and historical knowledge surrounding the horse and Indigenous Peoples in the Americas. 

 Our program goals are as follows:


  1. Sponsor and conduct genetic and other scientific research regarding the Indigenous horse of the Americas;

  2. Preserve those horses with long-standing historical ties to Indigenous Peoples throughout the Americas;

  3. Design and secure lands and environments where the horses and People can interact in a traditional manner;

  4. Create and manage Native American Tribal educational programs and curriculum for youth centered around the horse;

  5. Provide a venue for elder-to-youth knowledge transfer in this context;

  6. Create alliances throughout the equine community, tribal Nations, and other educational and historical organizations to further this mission.

We have partnered with Sacred Way Sanctuary to help support their mission of preserving the Native American Horse.

To learn more about our program or become a partner, email

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