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Waóhola Community Program

The concept represented by the word Waóhola expresses an acknowledgment of the energy created when we hold and exhibit respect for one another and all life forms. Therefore, this program provides small scale community aid for emergent costs focusing on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and beyond, so that we may take care of and respect one another.

Wa oho la  Program SHC.png

This program and its sponsors manifest Waóhola by helping to respectfully meet the needs of our elders and community members who are in need of a bridge during times of emergency or service to others. 

Examples of the things that this fund would address include the following:

  1. Emergency expenses for medical purposes (fuel to get to the hospital for treatment or to support loved ones, accommodation near the hospital, meals);

  2. Emergency auto expenses (tire replacement and/or repair; maintenance, funds to purchase car parts for families who have knowledge regarding how to repair their own vehicles);

  3. Elder meeting expenses (fuel, accommodation, meals to attend critical tribal, ceremonial and/or societal meetings);

  4. Emergency grocery expenses (when social services do not cover the cost of feeding families toward the end of the month);

  5. Emergency school/clothing expenses;

  6. Emergency home repair expenses (broken windows, door replacement, roof patching);

  7. Heating and electric winter expenses.

We thank you for becoming part of Waóhola within our communities.

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