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Oceti Sakowin Youth Water Protection

Pilot Program

This Pilot Program was built upon the alliances and commitment to protecting the environment that were solidified at Standing Rock. During this time of solidarity, our youth made deep commitments to become protectors of the water. These commitments are culturally aligned with our original instructions, which have been handed down to us for generations. The elders of The Black Hills Sioux Nation Council are working to recreate a structure in line with our traditional societal structures that will nurture, train, and mentor these very special, young leaders in the caretaking of Grandmother Earth. 


The Oceti Sakowin Water Protection Youth Program is part of this effort. With our program partners Chris Rezendes, IoT Impact Labs, and WellnTell we are installing water quality and level sensors throughout the Great Sioux Nation.

Our goal is to combine traditional knowledge systems regarding how to sustainably manage Grandmother Earth with some of the latest technology to develop a management system that can cost-effectively restore sacred sites both nationally and internationally. Our youth will be an integral part of the installation and application of this program. 

Our Oceti Sakowin Youth Water Protection Pilot Program (OSYWPPP) was a success and has now grown into a major component of our Earth Mother Protection Movement

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